kati basti

Kati Basti
A special technique aimed at providing relief to the lower back using warm medicated oils or herbal decoctions when bathing the lower back for 20 to 30 minutes.



kati basti treatment Chronic and acute backaches
kati basti treatment1 Prolapsed disc
kati basti treatment2 Lumbar Spondylosis
kati basti treatment3 Osteoporosis
kati basti treatment4 Sciatica
kati basti treatment5 Lumbar Spondylytis
kati basti treatment6 Inter Vertebral Disc Prolapse
kati basti treatment7 Degeneration Of Inter Vertebral Disc
kati basti ayurveda1 Nerve Injuries Due To Disc Prolapse
kati basti treatment8 Muscle Pain
kati basti treatment9 Ligamental Tear
kati basti treatmenta Healing Of Fractures
kati basti ayurveda treatmentb Helps In Reducing Swelling
kati basti treatmentc Joint Stiffness
kati basti treatmentd Nourishing Tissues In Low Back Ache
kati basti treatmente Compression Fractures