Netra Dhara

Netra dhara treatment in JaipurIt is a special cleansing technique of the eye by pouring liquid herbal preparation in a continuous stream over the eyes for 10-20 minutes while resting the head in a comfortable position.


Netra dhara This technique soothes and relaxes the eyes
Netra dhara ayurveda treatment Cooling and refreshing them
Netra dhara in Jaipur Delays cataract formation Helps in treating chronic           Conjunctivitis
Netra dhara1 Improves eye sight
Netra dhara procedure Clarity In Vision
Netra dhara benefits Myopia
Netra dhara therapy Hypermetropia
Netra dhara eye therapy Cataract
eye therapy Acute And Chronic Conjunctivitis
eye therapy treatment Dry Eye Syndrome
Netra dhara1 Glaucoma, Corneal Abrasion
Netra dhara2 Foreign Objects In The Eyes
Netra dhara3 Blephiritis ( Inflammation In The Eyelids)
Netra dhara4 Hordeolum Externum( External Eyelid Stye)
Netra dhara5 Itching And Discharge In The Eyes
Netra dhara6 Pterigium
Netra dhara7 Uvitis
Netra dhara8 Photophobia
Netra dhara9 Corneal Ulcer
Netra dhara10 Hordeolum Internis
Netra dhara11 Trauma