This is a specialized herbal treatment for weight reduction. An herbal paste mixes with medicated oils is applied all over the body and deeply massaged in a very specific pattern and movement by two therapists for 45 minutes.



udvartana treatment Toning the skin & muscle after child birth or weight             loss
udvartana ayurveda treatment Removes Cellulite
udvartana treatment in Jaipur Imparts good complexion to the skin
udvartana in Jaipur Revitalizes the sense of touch
udvartana treatment in Jaipur1 Removes Kapha toxins from the body
ayurveda hospital in Jaipur11 Obesity
ayurveda hospital in Jaipur12 Detoxification Of All The Lymphatic Channels
ayurveda hospital in Jaipur13 Removes External Waste From The Body
ayurveda hospital in Jaipur14 Cleanses The Skin And Removes Body Odour
ayurveda hospital in Jaipur15 Weight reduction
ayurveda hospital in Jaipur16 Improves Skin Complexion
ayurveda hospital in Jaipur17 Increase Fat Metabolism Thus Reduce Body Weight
ayurveda hospital in Jaipur18 Reduce Vata And Kapha
ayurveda hospital in Jaipur19 And Body Stiffness